• Whether you are browsing for information, seeking another
    opinion, or have a clear idea of what you need, I want to
    acknowledge that it is not always easy to take this step. No
    matter who you choose to work with the important thing is that
    you receive the support and services you need. I invite you to
    reach out and see how I can help.

    Dr. Samaniego Estrada

Therapy and Counseling

Therapeutic services for children and adults using therapies and interventions backed by scientific research (i.e., evidence-based) all in an effort to help make therapy successful for you.

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Personalized psychological evaluations conducted by a licensed psychologist to help clarify diagnostic issues, aid in treatment planning, or answer questions related to psychological functioning.

In-depth psychological assessments for those undergoing immigration proceedings (i.e., Immigration Evaluations) are also available in Spanish or English.

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I understand that selecting a professional like myself can be confusing, challenging, and at times overwhelming. You might find that a short telephone conversation is necessary; I highly recommend it. I am available and happy to speak with you and answer your questions.

For a complimentary phone consultation, please call me directly: (469) 747-1788

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